KCR's Behavior Shocked Nitin Gadkari

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KCR is known as a fierce leader and follows his decision without stepping back thinking about the drawbacks of his decision.

It has been reported that KCR has not given an appointment to the Central Ministers who tried to talk to him regarding the RTC issue.

Recently Minister for Road Transport & Highways of India, Nitin Gadkari tried to contact Telangana CM KCR, but he reportedly avoided talking with Gadkari. This news resulted in a heated debate in the political circles.

Gadkari has called KCR to ask him to take back the 48,000 plus employees unconditionally who recently called off the strike. It has been believed that KCR expected this move of BJP and willingly made himself unavailable for the MP.

The MP has tried to contact KCR for more than 45 minutes.
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