KCR uses Modi formula to weaken RTC unions

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Here's more trouble  for the RTC JAC leaders. After they have been stripped of their relief duty that helped them get the salaries without ever being on duty and after their offices have been sealed, there is more problem for them. Prodded by KCR, several RTC employees are now shooting off letters to KCR not to hold  the elections for the recognised unions. Thousands of such letters have already been forwarded to the labour commissioner from the employees. Sources said this part of KCR’s strategy to completely eliminate the unions.

If the elections to the recognised unions are not held and the term of the present union ends, there would be technically there would be no union in office. This means that the present unions would lose their right to represent the RTC employees.  So, a specific form has been prepared for the use of the employees. These employees are sending the filled in form to the labour commissioner to ask them not to hold union elections.  Sources say KCR is following the strategy practiced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Narendra Modi has also not held the elections for the recognised unions in the railways for the last several years. Now there are no recognised unions in the Railways. They have completely become dysfunctional. KCR has used the same technology to render the JAC completely useless. It will have no locus standi in deciding the RTC affairs. KCR will form the welfare committees and use them to take decisions on the RTC. So, in a matter of few months, the unions would be completely out of the RTC.

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