CM Or Governor: Who Will IAS Officers Follow?

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Governor Tamilisai's actions are turning out to be irksome for KCR. The governor, in her capacity as the chancellor of all the universities in the state, has invited all the vice-chancellors for a review meeting on September 24. Now the problem is none of the universities have permanent VCs and all are currently managed by IAS officers, who have other responsibilities to discharge.

Incidentally, KCR called for a review meeting of senior IAS officials on the same day. Now, these IAS officers have to be present at both the meetings. Since they cannot do it, they may have to skip one of the two meetings. If the IAS officers miss the governor's meeting, it would be seen as a serious breach of protocol and would be viewed very seriously. At the same time, they cannot afford to miss KCR’s review meeting.

Now, one of the two meetings needs to be cancelled and which of the two meetings gets cancelled will give an indication as to who is the boss. What will KCR do now? Will he cancel his meeting or will he ask Governor Tamilisai to defer her meeting? Let's wait and see how things unfold.

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