KCR leaves no exit route to RTC JAC

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Any other CM would have jumped at the RTC JAC's offer to call off the strike. Virtually there are no demands. They only want the strike period to be treated as working period. This means the government has to give nothing to them. A win-win proposition.

But, KCR, as we always said, is made of a different stuff. He has ensured that he will have the last word on the RTC strike. He ensured that the courts did not have anything to say. The courts had given their rulings, but there is a limit, after which they raised their hands in helplessness. The RTC employees, who somehow plodded on for six weeks, are now completely drained out and dissipated. All they want is an exit route. But, KCR is not willing to offer them any exit route.  He had always said that the courts can do nothing in this case. As he said the courts have literally opted out of the imbroglio. Now KCR wants to prove to the JAC what it means to go against his diktat.  Even after the RTC JAC has raised the white flag, KCR is unrelenting. He wants to show that the issue will have a closure only when he wants to close it. He wants to teach a lesson to the RTC employees, who defied his two offers. He now wants the RTC employees to come down many more steps and stoop down.

Now, the RTC JAC and its leaders are in a fix. They have already climbed down. How far more can they come down? But, what can they do if KCR is not relenting. Well! By this method of dealing, he wants to send out a clear message to all other government departments as to what would befall on them if they go against his dictates.
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