How Will KCR Brave Tamilisai Challenge?

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Is Telangana KCR choosing confrontation over conciliation with new governor Tamilisai Saundararajan?  It appears so. The cold vibes between the two were all too visible at the swearing-in of the new set of ministers on Sunday. While Tamilisai looked lost, KCR was seen staying silent unless when needed.

KCR, who became so very emotional during the farewell of outgoing governor ESL Narasimhan and hugged him teary eyed, was cold in his first ever encounter with her. More interestingly, he took permission for the expansion of the cabinet from Narasimhan not Tamilisai.  Even Tamilisai looked uninterested all through the swearing in.  At the end of the swearing-in, she had to be reminded by KCR repeatedly to greet the newly inducted ministers.

Sources say KCR is deeply unhappy at the appointment of Tamilisai, who he feels, has been brought to checkmate him politically. He was not happy at the removal of ESL Narasimhan, which whom he enjoyed a very good rapport. How he handles the new governor will become clear as things pan out.

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