KCR fearing to take against a Nominated MP?

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Telangana CM, TRS chief KCR is known as a fierce leader and he will be very firm on the decision he takes. His take on the ongoing TRS worker's strike clearly shows his nature.

It has been reported that nominated Rajya Sabha member Dharmapuri Srinivas is troubling KCR and he is not in a position to take any action on him.

KCR's daughter Kavitha lost the Nizamabad Parliament elections to Dharmapudi Srinivas's son Aravind. Reportedly, Nizamabad TRS leaders wrote a letter to KCR that DS has worked against Kavitha and that is the main reason for her defeat in the elections.

DS has written a letter to KCR on the ongoing RTC workers strike and in the letter, he reportedly asked CM to put a full stop to this issue. KCR and not even KTR have responded to this letter till now.

With this new development, the political circles have already started a debate that, KCR is fearing a candidate for the first time which has shocked the party leaders. Let's wait and see how KCR responds to this.
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