KCR To Pass Resolution To Prove Modi 'Wrong'

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Telangana CM K Chandrasekhar Rao has finally broke his silence on the controversial Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA). Terming CAA as a blunder by Centre, He declared that Telangana Government is going to pass a resolution in the Assembly against it. The TRS Supremo even asked PM Narendra Modi to reverse his decision with recall of CAA.

KCR expressed his willingness to spearhead a nationwide movement against the Citizenship Amendment Act. He claimed to be having plans to hold a meeting with Chief Ministers opposing CAA and Like-Minded Parties in the country to discuss on National Register of Citizens (NRC).

Chief Minister recalled TRS voted against CAA in the Parliament. He says, 'I was pained to see exclusion of one community (Muslims) in the name of CAA. India is a secular nation...It can't become a Hindu Nation'.

KCR came down heavily on the Union Government for failing to address Economic Slowdown and Unemployment. He feels GDP growth rate isn't good enough for developing the nation at a good pace.
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