What Are Those 19 Parties, KCR Sir?

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That KCR is a master of strategy and wizard of words is never in doubt. He can mesmerise everyone with his words. To win the maximum number of seats in Lok Sabha elections, he coined the slogan "Saru Karu Padaharu" (Sir meaning KCR, Car (TRS symbol) and 16 Lok Sabha seat.) This catchy slogan caught the imagination of the people in Telangana. But, the Opposition soon began asking him how he could form a government at the Centre with just 16 seats.

To this, KCR said he has made arrangements of alliances with various non-BJP and non-Congress parties  and that he has said that he has 100 MPs with him. But, the clever man that he is, he has never spelt out who the MPs were and which party they belong to. Now barely a couple of days after this statement, came another gem. He has now hiked the number to 150. He now says, he has the support of 19 parties. But, interestingly again, he has not spelt out who these parties are. Because we know that Trinamool Congress is on its own. AAP is trying for an alliance with the Congress and SP and BSP have made no announcement that they would back KCR. In neighbouring Maharashtra, the alliances have already been worked out and no major party has joined hands with it. None of the Tamil regional parties are even talking about the TRS. Odisha's BJD has indicated that if needed, it could join hands with the BJP at the Centre. So, no major party is even talking of KCR at the Centre. So, word wizardy apart, will KCR specify which party is with him at the national level?