KCR's Sentimental Number Gone Missing

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Needless to say how much KCR believes in Numerology. The kind of importance he offers to Lucky Number 6 is known to one and all. He follows this sentiment for every crucial occasion planned by him. Will the cabinet expansion happening on Sunday will be devoid of such sentiment?

If you add the numbers 08-09-2019, 29 will be the total and adding 2 & 9 would result in 11. The end result of adding 1 plus 1 is 2.

If the year was excluded, Addition of 08 & 09 will result in 17 and the end result is going to be 8.

Whichever combination might be tried, The end result won't be SIX. The only possibility of achieving the Lucky Number is adding 4 PM Muhurat set by KCR to the end result (2) of Date, Month & Year Addition. Such kind of adjustment is unacceptable as per Numerology. May be, KCR will be continuing the sentiment by inducting six members into his cabinet.

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