After Jagan, KCR To Shock Boozers!

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AP Government increased the liquor prices with the introduction of new Liquor Policy and also reduced the belt shops by 20 percent in the first phase. This is a measure taken to implement Liquor Prohibition in Andhra Pradesh before the next Assembly Polls.

Telangana Government is seriously considering the proposal to increase liquor prices not for implementing prohibition but to increase the revenue. A Cabinet Sub-Committee will be constituted to decide the new prices. There is a high possibility of increasing the prices by at least 10 percent.

If this new proposal gets the consent of CM KCR, Telangana Government will receive additional revenue of nearly Rs 1,700 crore per annum. An announcement could arrive after the release of schedule for Municipal Elections.

Very soon, A notification could be issued for setting up bars in all the 73 new municipalities formed in Telangana. State Government would be increasing the Excise Revenue by charging hefty license fees for these new bars.

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