Is This Why KCR Visited Kerala?

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Normally, KCR doesn't wish to move out of the cool confines of his camp office or farm house. After the  elections, he has largely confined himself to his home. But, suddenly he has gone into hyper active mode and went state hopping. Despite his antipathy for Communists, when went to Kerala to meet CM Pinarayi Vijayan. He also addressed a joint press conference with Pinarayi.  But, he could always communicate with the local Left leaders. Why go all the way to Kerala?

Highly placed sources reveal that there is a secret objective to his Kerala visit. Sources said that KCR wanted to have some special homams to ward off 'evil' forces and hence went to Kerala Sources say KCR is not passing through a particularly auspicious time and astrologers suggested that he could run into problems. So, he went to Kerala to have a homam done secretly.

But, some other sources say that there is no better place than his farmhouse if KCR really wants to perform a Homam. He has the priests, astrologers and every other resource here. Why should he go to Kerala, they say.  Yet others say that he just wanted to spend some time with his family and hence chose Kerala. There is nothing more to it, they argue.
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