KCR's OLD Video On RTC Workers Becomes Viral

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From CM(Common Man) to CM(Chief Minister), one can't simply get away with their statements in this digital era. With this digital era emerging, we can't hide anything from others. Telangana CM KCR is facing backlash for his actions, regarding the recent RTC workers strike.

Videos of KCR, supporting the actions of RTC workers during the Telangana Agitation became viral on social media. Even people are keeping those videos as Whatsapp status.

In that video, KCR can be seen saying that, there is a need for solving the problems of RTC workers. By sharing the video, in which KCR is saying he will solve the problems faced by the RTC workers with his teeth, people are trying to showcase his behavior before and after power.

While some are saying that we don't know how the decisions of KCR might turn out. With the release of these sort of videos, in contradictory with the opinion of KCR, that negativity is spreading among people for RTC's strike, seems like this will degrade the popularity of KCR. To know how KCR will respond to this, we might have to wait for some more days.
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