KCR's Master Plan Behind Cabinet Expansion

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KCR and Sentiments go hand-in-hand. He is someone who believes in auspicious muhurats so much. When KCR planned Cabinet Expansion in the month (Bhadrapada) which wasn't auspicious for new initiatives, People wondered why Telangana Chief Minister took such a call. Cabinet Expansion news was shared only at 9 pm on Saturday. That itself is a sign of top secrecy maintained by Telangana CMO.

Why KCR went against his initial plan of delaying Cabinet Expansion till Dussehra? BJP is keen to emerge as an alternative for TRS in Telangana. Not offering enough prominence to Harish Rao hasn't gone down well with majority of the Telanganites. CM wishes to induct his Son KTR into cabinet as early as possible. Issues like Viral Fevers, Fertilisers Scarcity and Row over photos of KCR, TRS Symbol on Yadadri Pillars has irked the TRS Government.

Political Analysts say, A significant political development has to take place for diverting the attention of public from these issues. Cabinet Expansion is something in the hands of Telangana CM. This could be the reason behind the expected move.

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