This Is KCR's Special Task For Harish Rao

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KCR had to finally make his nephew Harish Rao a minister. He tried every which way to ensure that Harish was kept out of the portals of power so that his son KTR will have an easy way. But finally, it has become clear that things are not moving the way KCR wanted them to. KTR's image has not grown, but sympathy for Harish has grown exponentially because he was denied ministership. To add to his problems, KTR could not register thumping victory at the Lok Sabha elections. The party had to lose 8 Lok Sabha seats - three to the Congress, four to the BJP and one for the MIM.

So, Harish Rao had to be brought back. Not just that, he has been tasked to ensure a victory for the TRS in the Huzurnagar bypolls. The elections to this constituency have been necessitated by the resignation of PCC chief Uttam Kumar Reddy after he was elected to the Lok Sabha. KCR has reportedly asked Harish to wrest the seat from the Congress. Harish, who is known to achieve every task given to him, will now lead the campaign in Huzurnagar, which the TRS lost by a whisker.

If he manages to win Huzurnagar, he stock would go up further and this will affect KTR more than the Congress.
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