KCR Fumes On Netizen Over Abusive Language

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The time has arrived for Netizens to mind their language. Why because, Posting any objectionable comment in response to an incident or while ing any individual would land them in trouble. Even CM K Chandrasekhar Rao might see their post on the social media.

Sharath, a farmer hailing from Mancherial, shared about the injustice happened to him on his Facebook Page. He cried foul saying ancestral property of 7 acres belonging to him was registered in the name of someone else by the Revenue Officer. In response to this post, A Netizen abused CM KCR calling him 'Bokugadu'.

Soon after the issue came to his notice, KCR called Sharath to enquire what has happened and resolved his issue immediately. CM spoke to the Farmer twice on this matter. It's then, He expressed his anguish over the abusive word used by a netizen while talking about him. 'Is this how you talk about a CM? Placing a post isn't a big deal, but one should be careful while writing something,' he opined.

This incident alerted all those Netizens who use abusive language to express their feelings. Better if such individuals use the freedom of expression in a right way!