KCR Rewards Nalgonda Strongman For Bringing Two MLAs Into Party

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He did not want to contest for either MLA or MP. He always wanted an MLC post. Not just that, he had worked very hard for the victory of the TRS in the 2018 assembly elections in Telangana. Not just that he has managed to bring diehard Congressman N Bhaskar Rao and CPI MLA Ravindra Kumar of Devarakonda into the TRS ahead of the 2018 elections and dealt a deadly blow to the non-TRS parties. So, finally he has been rewarded with an MLC post.

Gutta Sukhendar Reddy has finally been rewarded. Till now, Gutta has always been an MP. He was an MP while in the TDP and later shifted to the Congress, where he was again elected an MP. Soon after he joined the TRS. Finally, the TRS has given him the MLC ticket. Gutta Sukhender Reddy is TRS Party's hope in Nalgonda which is a traditional Congress citadel.

With this Nalgonda district will have four MLCs for the TRS.  TRS party's Nethi Vidyasagar is an MLC and is the deputy chairperson of the Legislative council.  Besides these two, Thera Chinnapa Reddy of the TRS is an MLC from the local body constituency, while Palla Rajeshwar Reddy represents the party in the Graduates constituency.
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