This Andhra Gaadu Supports KCR On RTC Strike

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Once, KCR revelled in deriding him. He used to hurl choicest invectives on this 'Andhra Gaadu.' Once he famously asked as to who he was. What has an "Andhra Vodu" got to do with Telangana, he asked. But today, the very same person, who was the butt of KCR's fiercest criticism, is backing him on the RTC strike issue. He is backing KCR's decision to act tough on the RTC strike.

This man is none other than our very own Lok Satta Jayaprakash Narayna. When JP questioned the Kaleswhwaram project and said it would impose a huge power bill burden on the State government, KCR reacted quite strongly. He said JP was from Andhra Pradesh and has no business to talk about Kaleshwaram project. He said JP neither has expertise nor locus standi on Kaleshwaram issue. It is another matter that JP did not join the issue and reply to KCR's criticism.

But, today at a time when pressure is mounting on KCR on the issue of RTC strikeĀ  and at a time when the RTC unions have given a call for Telangana bandh on October 19, JP has come to his rescue. KCR is under tremendous pressure as the strike is showing no signs of abating and already two RTC employees have committed suicide. But, JP says the RTC strike is uncalled for and said there were better methods of protest. He also questioned the decision of YS Jagan Mohan Reddy to merge the RTC into the Government. This is a retrograde step, he said. JP's comments have become hot topic of discussion among the chatterati in Telangana.
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