Lone Jana Sena MLA Gets Trolled By His Own Workers

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The Jana Sena activists have begun trolling. No... not the TDP nor the YSRCP, but they are trolling their own MLA Rapaka Varaprasad. He is the solitary Jana Sena MLA in the AP Assembly. And why are they trolling?

On the first day of the assembly, Rapaka Varaprasad ran into Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy. He congratulated Jagan and lauded his cabinet's caste balance. He also said that he would play the role of a constructive opposition and would extend all cooperation. He also express the hope that Jagan would fulfil all the assurances he had given during the elections.

This was enough for the Jana Sena activists to see red. They began trolling him for greeting Jagan. They hurled invectives and wondered if he was joining the YSRCP.  The fact is Rapaka has never said he was joining the YSRCP. He had not even said that he has no faith in Pawan Kalyan. He has been repeatedly saying that if he joins YSRCP, he would be 152nd MLA, while he would be numero uno in Jana Sena. But, the trolling has hurt him deeply and he has shared his anguish with close associates.  He reportedly told that he need not prove his dedication and commitment to Pawan Kalyan every day. It appears Jana Sena activists over-action has hurt him very much. It seems the activists are hell-bent on sending Rapaka into Jagan's camp.
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