Jana Sena Is The Only Hope For Chandrababu Now

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What is Chandrababu's only hope these days? His ship is sinking and many are deserting him. Even the candidates he had announced in the morning are in the YSRCP by evening. His popularity ratings are falling. So, his only hope is Pawan Kalyan's Jana Sena. The party bailed him out in 2014 and is doing the same job this time too.

Chandrababu wants Jana Sena to cut into YSRCP votes and ensure the TDP victory. In the bargain, he will put up dummy candidates against key Jana Sena leaders. In some places, he is changing the candidates to help the Jana Sena. Those in the know say that Chandrababu himself has cobbled up the Jana Sena-BSP-Left alliance. This alliance is being tasked to divide anti-TDP vote. Quite interestingly, Chandrababu, who is all fire and brimstone against the YSRCP is silent when it came to Jana Sena. This is betraying the secret understanding between the TDP and the Jana Sena alliance.

Though many surveys predict a rout for the TDP, there isn't much difference in the vote share. According to a latest survey by a Delhi-based media house, the difference between the two parties is just 3percentage points. So, Chandrababu wants to reduce this gap using Jana Sena. It is being rumoured that Chandrababu has left some 5 to 10 seats for Jana Sena. The Jana Sena will contest in 50 seats to devide the votes.

But, will Chandrababu's plans succeed? Well! Not quite. In politics, a week is a longtime and equations change in a ziffy. So, his best laid plans could go awry.
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