Jana Sena's Fake Attack Drama Falls Flat

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The stratagem of enacting a fake attack by the YSRCP activists has badly boomeranged on the Jana Sena in Kakinada. The Jana Sena activists enacted a drama that they were attacked by the YSRCP activists. They also shot a video of a woman crying on the shoulders of another woman about the attack. The video was made to go viral on the social media.

The plan was to defame Kakinada MLA Dwarampudi Chandrasekhara Reddy and vilify the YSRCP.  They faked an attack and choreographed the whole sequence in such a way that a woman cries and the other women console her. All will blame the YSRCP and its 'goonda' MLA. In a well-choreographed sequence, the other women around too will join the wailing and hurl invectives against the MLA. Everything was well planned. But, there was one hitch. The editor apparently failed to chop off the portion where a woman tells the woman in question: Come on.... Start...." Soon after the "OK" comes, the woman begins to wail and cry over the shoulders of another woman.

Even the "clap... ok... action" order is now seen and heard in the video exposing the Jana Sena game. Soon the video of the same woman attacking a YSRCP activist in the hospital came to light. It was 48 hours after this attack that the woman came with a plastered hand and showed her acting prowess before Pawan Kalyan. Now that the game plan and the conspiracy is busted, the Jana Sena is running for cover.
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