Will Two Telugu States Get Re-United Again?

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Remember Jairam Ramesh? He was a former union minister, who played a very crucial role in the AP bifurcation. He was the one who drafted the bill, masterminded the course of events leading to the formation of two Telugu states. He defended what he did and was proud of it. But, recently he made  a statement that would cause tremors in the politics of the two Telugu states.

He said the two states will reunite soon. He said ever since bifurcation, both the states were facing many problems and the solution to all these is the reunification of the state. This shocking transformation has come from the man who drafted the bifurcation law. But, how will these two states come together again? Jairam Ramesh's argument is even more shocking. He said as long as KCR is there at the helm, the two states will not come together again. The two Telugu states will be reunited if and when the Congress comes to power.

He further argued that the two Telugu states will come together like the two Germanys which reunited after 50 years of separation. Even the two Koreas will come together, he predicted. He says the Telugu states too would be reunited. It remains to be seen how things will pan out and whether Jairam’s predictions will come true.
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