Jai Shankar's Son Comments On Jingping Visit To India

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Ahead of China President Xi Jinping's visit to India, Central Foreign Minister Subramanyam Jai Shankar's son Dhruv Jai Shankar made some shocking comments. He said that there is no much benefit to India with Xi Jinping's visit. He also said with Xi Jingping's visit the diplomatic relations between India and China might strengthen. The summit meeting Modi and Xi Jingping will be based mainly on diplomatic relations, he added.

Dhruv Shankar is working as a director at Observer Research Foundation (ORF) which operates from Washington. This Research Institute is set up to study different topics like diplomatic policies of various countries, Examine the diplomatic policies with neighboring countries and Exim policy. As China is maintaining close relations with Pakistan, this meeting gained a lot of importance.

He also said that the summit will not focus on the trade-related issues between the countries for sure. There are drawbacks to the free trade between the countries and Modi and Jingping are not interested to talk about this. He reminded that along with India 16 other countries signed the free trade agreement with China. With these drawbacks, India has faced loss economically.

He said that by importing Agriculture and Pharmaceutical products to China we can recover from the loss. It's an open secret that the diplomatic relations between the two powerful Asian countries India and China are not in a good way and measures have to be taken to improve the situations. It's quite disturbing to know China is trying to have cordial relations with Pakistan, added Dhruv.

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