Is Congress Party Facing Internal Issues?

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The Huzur Nagar elections inculcated great confidence in the TRS party leaders. Whereas, the election results exposed the internal disputes in the Congress party. Generally, when a leader lost the elections, other leaders in the party will try to console them. But quite interestingly, the Congress party is behaving opposite to it.

Congress Sanga Reddy MLA Jaggareddy made sensational comments on Uttam Kumar Reddy, who failed to win his sitting position in Huzur Nagar. He said that with Uttam Padma Reddy losing the elections, Uttam Kumar Reddy became a hero. If she would have won the Huzur Nagar elections, Revanth Reddy would become a hero.  

"Uttam who worked in the Army is a strong person and there is no need to impose courage in him," he added. His statements created a sensation in the political circles.

He said Uttam fought for the country in warplanes without any fear. "Uttam will not lose anything with the loss of Huzur Nagar elections. He will continue in his position. Where ever By-elections take place, the results will be in favor of the ruling party," he added.
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