Jagan talks about Insider-trading in Assembly

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The much anticipated Andhra Pradesh Assembly started with a historic decision of the state government to have three capitals which resulted in a war of words between the ruling and opposition leaders. This led even the speaker of the house to intervene.

AP CM Jagan Mohan Reddy talked about the Insider trading and confirmed that the process is true. Jagan went on to say that the TDP leaders knew that the government will announce the capital there and bought thousands of acres there.

"The day Assembly approved three capitals is a good indication. The previous government which said it will spend Rs 5 lakh crores has spent only Rs 5 thousand crores," Jagan said.


"Chandrababu did nothing during his regime and he left only debts for the state. The previous government left Rs 57 thousand crores debt and additional debt of Rs. 39 Thousand crores for the new government. Even the power companies should be paid in huge amounts," Jagan added.
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