Jagan serious on TdP leader's behavior in Assembly

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The opposition TDP has staged "protest" against the Three capitals decision introduced by the ruling YRSCP in the Assembly. The behavior of the Opposition has reached to a level that even Assembly Speaker Tammineni Sitharam has fed up with their behavior.

AP CM Jagan is not happy with the TDP leaders going near the Speaker podium and warned them to behave properly or else they will be sent out by Marshals.

TDP leaders raised 'Jai Amaravati' slogans and said 'Every Friday you should go to Court' which turned up the heat in the house. Even though Speaker asked the TDP leaders to sit silently, they did not stop raising slogans.

"They are not even 10 in number and they are behaving in a way to demean democracy. If the members behave in this way, Marshals will throw them out. Rowdies are way better than the TDP leaders," Jagan said.
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