Babus Preferred By Babu Get No Postings

YS Jaganmohan Reddy kept shunting out the IAS and IPS Officers who received high priority during the TDP Rule from 2014 to 2019. At the same time, All those Officials who faced tough time during the TDP regime have been receiving ample prominence during the YCP rule.

Soon after the victory of YCP, Jagan decided to continue LV Subramaniam as Chief Secretary for not succumbing to the pressure mounted by TDP Government during the election code period. He appointed Ajeya Kallam who criticized the TDP Rule as his Principal Secretary.

Senior IAS Officers Satish Chandra, Sai Prasad and Rajamouli who worked in the peshi of previous CM were transferred and asked to report to the General Administration department. The other day, As many as 42 IAS Officer were transferred but no postings have been given so far. CRDA Commissioner Cherukuri Sridhar and Secretary Nagulapalli Srikanth were also transferred.

Few IAS and IPS Officers who worked in crucial posts until recently were appointed in insignificant posts. The fate of remaining Officials is yet to be decided.