Is Jagan Upset With Nellore Leaders?

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It has been reported that Andhra Pradesh CM Jagan Mohan reddy is not happy with the issues between Nellore district leaders and the hegemony battle among the leaders. He will be addressing the lack of coordination among the leaders in party and government matters. Reportedly he is angry with the behavior of MLAs Kotamreddy Sridhar Reddy and Kakani Govardhan Reddy.

The rift between Sridhar Reddy and Kakani created a lot of speculations. The rift between Nellore Rural MLA Sridhar Reddy and Sarvepalli MLA Kakani is creating havoc in YCP. Recently Venkatachalam MPDO Sarala complained that Kotam Reddy Sridhar Reddy and his aid Biradavolu Srikanth Reddy attacked her house. With her complaint, a case was filed on Sridhar Reddy and Srikanth Reddy on IPC sections, 290, 427,448, and 506. Kotamreddy is saying he never went to her hose. This case sparked a rift between these two leaders.

Sridhar Reddy is eyeing on the district president post from long back. But leaders like MP Rajgopal Reddy and others are supporting Kakani. Govardhan Reddy has handled this position two times. There was a situation that everyone should obey his orders.  But the district leaders are behaving quite opposite. MP Adala Prabhakar Reddy and Minister Anil had set up their offices. These leaders are attending political and other events from their offices. Taking care of events in their offices without stepping into the district office lead to the rift. The leaders were divided into two groups, Minister Anil and Kotam Reddy are one group and the other leaders are one group. It has been reported that there are differences between the district leaders, since long back. It is interesting to know, how Jagan deals with these issues.
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