Jagan Will Face Problems Like TDP: GVL

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AP CM Jagan has written a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the pending special status to the state. When the AP was carved out of Telangana the then Central government Congress said that Ap should be given special status as the state will be left with no capital.

"I am writing this letter to seek your guidance and support in the light of a statement contained in the report of the Fifteenth Finance Commission tabled in the Parliament at the time of presentation of the Union Budget. The bifurcation has subjected the successor State of Andhra Pradesh to immense economic hardships," read Jagan's letter

Now Jagan's letter did not go well with BJP National spokesperson GVL Narasimha Rao as he has come down severely on him over his letter.

"Special status is an extinct system. If Jagan tries to blame the BJP in the name of special status Jagan will have to face issues like the TDP.Taking about the system which does not exist Jagan will face issues politically," GVL said.

Now GVL had only reiterated the words of most of the BJP leaders that special status is not under the Central government. The saffron party leaders should remember the promise made by Narendra Modi himself in Tirupati on the special status that their party will give special status and see that the newly formed state will cherish along with the other states.

Looks like the BJP is strategically making the leaders make this kind of statement and create more confusion to the people and sidetrack the issue just like the 'Three Capitals' issue.

While Pawan Kalyan and Kanna Lakshmi Narayana said Amravati will be the state capital and no one can shift it from there, in quiet contrast to that the Home Ministry said that its the state opinion to have the capital and they cannot intervene in this.
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