One Call From Jagan Gave Jitters To This Minister

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AP Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy seems determined to ensure that his government is free of corruption and malpractices that characterised the rule of Chandrababu Naidu. He is ensuring that there is utmost transparency in everything that the government does. In fact, he had made it mandatory that any contract worth over Rs 100 crore should be referred to the judicial committee and he had already appointed the chairman for the committee.

Jagan is also ensuring that his ministers too toe his line on the issue of corruption. While most ministers are following his directives, some ministers are still mired in old practices and are demanding their cut in the private deals they are entering into. Recently, one minister from East Godavari, known to be quite close to Jagan, was finalising a deal. While the talks for the deal were going on in a hotel suite, the minister got a call from the Chief Minister himself. Jagan sarcastically, but firmly asked the minister if he was taking cash or cheque. The minister was shell-shocked.

Jagan reacted sharply and dealt with the minister very firmly on knowing about the deal from the intel sources. The shocked minister immediately left the place. The incident showed how firm Jagan is about rooting out corruption and how efficiently the intel agencies were monitoring the activities of the ministers.

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