Jagan Announces a New Law to punish rapists in 21 days

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During the Assembly winter sessions, AP CM Jagan Mohan Reddy made yet another announcement which was applauded the move. He said he will bring a law that enables to punish the rapists within 21 days of the crime.

In his speech, he has lauded the KCR on the encounter news and has mocked the NHRC for their stand on the encounter, where the culprits in Disha's case who brutally gang-raped and killed the veterinarian.

"This is an incident for which the entire society needs to bow its head in shame. A 26-year-old doctor was raped and killed and burned, in a pre-planned manner. Her bike tyre was punctured. When such an incident happens, how should one respond? How should the police respond? Politicians?" CM asked.

"We need to ask ourselves how we and our police should respond if a similar incident were to happen in our state. After seeing everything on TV, after seeing her parents pain, we all thought it's not wrong, even if they were gunned down," he observed.

"Investigation of cases of crime against women should be completed in one week and the culprits should be punished within three weeks," he added.

"An encounter took place. If the same thing happens in a film, where a hero chases and encounters someone, won't we clap and celebrate? But in real life if anyone who has the guts does the same, what happens is someone called National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) comes down from Delhi and questions saying its wrong, and why and how it happened. This is the pathetic condition our legislatures are in today," he said.

"Pornography is another reason for crime against women. Though porn sites are blocked, we are not able to control people from watching them. A new bill will be introduced in Assembly addressing all these issues," the CM said.

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