Mahilalu Intlo Unnaru Kada: TRS Minister

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TRS Leadership has been facing criticism over not offering representation to Women in the Cabinet even in the second term. At this stage, A comment made by a newly appointed Minister added fuel to the fire.

When media persons sought his opinion on the composition of the cabinet, Minister G Jagadeesh Reddy opined it's been very balanced as all the sections were given representation. Quickly, Journalists asked how could there be balance if there was no representation to Women who account for almost 50 percent of the population. Then, The Minister replied: 'Makilalu Intlo Unnaru Kada'.

Immediately, A Lady Journalist questioned what does he mean by that. Then, Reddy told Women are in favour of the TRS Government.

Telangana Congress Women-wing President Nerella Sarada demanded Minister Jagadeesh Reddy to issue an unconditional apology for making such a comment. She alleged KCR has insulted Women by denying representation inspite of having 3 elected MLAs in the party.