See Who Is Giving 100/100 To YSRCP Government?

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See who is giving hundred out of hundred to chief minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy's 100 days government? It's Jagan's arch rival and TDP biggie JC Diwakar Reddy. Recently, Diwakar Reddy said that he would give 100/100 to the 100 day rule of YS Jagan Mohan. Normally, Diwakar Reddy's acid tongue never spares anyone. He had lashed out at everyone including Chandrababu Naidu. He has shown that he does not care for anyone's sensibilities.

But, after the crushing defeat of his son in the recent elections, Diwakar Reddy appears to have mellowed down. He sees no future in Telugu Desam anymore and wants to come out of it. He tried to engage the BJP but felt that he would be facing more problems in BJP than in other parties. So, he has closed the BJP file. Now, the only party left for him is to join the YSRCP.

Unfortunately for him, the YSRCP appears to be in no mood to entertain JC brothers. The party is showing no interest whatsoever on JC brothers. But, JC is trying every trick of the trade to mollify the YSRCP and convince them to allow him in. It is with this end in view that JC Diwakar Reddy is praising the YSRCP government these days.
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