JC Spoils Mood In Revanth's Meeting

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Revanth Reddy was in for a surprise when his former Congress colleague and former minister JC Diwakar Reddy turned up at the inauguration of MP office in Malkajgiri Lok Sabha constituency. The office will coordinate Revanth Reddy's works and projects in the Lok Sabha constituency. He has invited an attender from the Gandhi Bhavan to inaugurate the building, which has been named Nammakam (trust).

However, it turned out that JC, who is Revanth's neighbour, turned up uninvited. He sat through the meeting and chatted with several Congress leaders. But, he suddenly commented that the Congress Party was completely ruined because of the wrong policies of Sonia Gandhi. He said her 'mindless' decisions have finished off the Congress. As he said there things loud enough for everyone to here, there was shocked silence in the hall. He said what no Congressman wants to hear. But, JC being JC, he cannot be criticised.

Everyone, including Revanth spent a few uncomfortable moments and then moved on to other topics.

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