JC Diwakar Reddy In Shock?

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Former MP and TDP senior leader lost Rs 6 lakhs in a suitcase. Well coming on to the story, On October 11, JC Diwakar was in Vijayawada and book accommodation in a hotel and went to the secretariat on his personal work and returned to the hotel around 2.30 pm, asked his driver Gautam to get the suitcase that was in the car and keep it in the room. Driver Gautam followed the instructions of JC Diwakar and left the suitcase in the room.

Later JC Diwakar noticed that Rs 6 lakhs were missing from the Suitcase and gave a complaint in the nearest police station, the police took the details from JC Diwakar and later questioned Gautam.

In the investigation, Driver Gautam accepted the robbery and said, placed the money under the car seat. The police seized the money and arrested Gautam.
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