Italian MP Proposes to his Girlfriend During Parliament Debate

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People do a lot of strange and weird things to woo their loved ones. Celebrities and famous people were also not an exemption from this list.

In one such incident, an Italian politician has proposed his girlfriend during a parliamentary debate, who is watching the debate from the public gallery.

Going into the details, lawmaker Flavio Di Muro, a member of the League party proposed his girlfriend to marry him.

Before making this love announcement he took his microphone and addressed the chamber about the busy lifestyle observed by most of the lawmakers and the negative impact of it on their lives.

"We neglect the true values, we neglect the people who care for us, we neglect those we love," Mr. Di Muro said.

"This is not a day like any other for me, it's a different day, it's a special day," he added.

His girlfriend accepted his proposal and said, "When it's love, love unites"
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