Is this the way to serve Telugu language?

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There has been a hue and cry when AP Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy had introduced English as a medium of instruction in the state. Many a self-proclaimed Telugu lovers have gone overboard criticing YS Jagan. Telugu is our mother tongue and there are no two opinions about promoting it. But, it has to be done out of genuine love and not as tokenism.

Sample this. The World Telugu Writers Association has held a meeting in Vijayawada recently. It was led by the likes of TDP leader Mandali Buddha Prasad, GV Purnachand and Guttikonda Subba Rao. Rao was the president while Prasad was the honorary president. The meeting focused mainly on the English medium decision of YS Jagan and criticised him to no end.  But, when the commendation letters of the organisation were given away to the participants, real Telugu lovers were in for a shock. There was not a single Telugu word. Everything from the name of the participant down to the content were written in ... lo and behold .. English. Even the world Prapancha Telugu Rachayitala Sangham was written in English script.

One only hopes that such self-proclaimed Telugu lovers print their certificates in Telugu at least in future. The meeting devoted most of its time to criticising YS Jagan. Instead of doing it, they should have done some real service to the Telugu.
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