Is this the real reason behind Vidyasagar Rao's 'second capital' statement?

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What is behind former Maharashtra Governor Ch Vidyasagar Rao's comments on the need to make Hyderabad the second capital of the country? Does he want to put his friend KCR in a spot by raking up the issue? Or is he trying to help KCR by stoking up the issue so that KCR uses it to whip up Telangana sentiments again? Is he trying to help KCR by diverting attention from the RTC strike, which is showing KCR in poor light?

There are several unanswered questions in Ch Vidyasagar Rao episode. Neither Union Minister Kishan Reddy nor Haryana Governor Bandaru Dattatreya have talked about it. Definitely, by virtue of holding official positions, they would be privy to any move on making Hyderabad as the second capital. But, this is coming from Vidyasagar Rao, who does not hold any official position now either in the government or in the party.

Vidyasagar Rao himself is suggesting that there has never been any discussion on the issue either in the party or in the government. Then, why is he raking up the issue. He is even quoting Babasaheb Ambedkar as saying that Hyderabad should be made the second capital of the country. Interestingly, no one in the party knows a thing about the issue. Some say it is a clever way to make the media revolve around himself.
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