Is this how Chandrababu will be weakened in Assembly?

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Razole MLA Rapaka Varaprasad's rebellion is not just a flash in the pan or a straw in the wind. The sole Jana Sena MLA's pro-YSRCP stance shows that there is a method in his action. He will simply escape the provisions of the Anti-Defection Act, becase he is the sole MLA of the party and defection would legally be treated as a merger into the YSRCP. The Jana Sena would be able to do nothing to rein him in.

But, political watchers say that Rapaka is not the only MLA who wants to join the YSRCP. The YSRCP has plans to taken in at least ten MLAs from the TDP. Already Vallabhaneni Vamsi has resigned from the TDP and the membership of the assembly. But the speaker is withholding his resignation. Thus, he is technically not with the TDP. Hence, he has begun sitting separately from the TDP MLAs. If sources are to be believed, there would be more such resignations. The MLAs will resign, but their resignations would be kept in abeyance. As a result, they will begin sitting separately from the other TDP members. So, they will not be technically members of the TDP pending acceptance of their resignation letters. This will gradually weaken Chandrababu's authority. He would be the Leader of the Opposition, but will not have control over several of his MLAs.

This situation, according to political watchers, will continue for some time, till the rebel MLAs get the required numbers. Then they would request the speaker and take back their resignations. Soon, they would form a separate block and then merge with the TDP. When this happens, Chandrababu Naidu will lose the Leader of the Opposition status and the cabinet rank that comes with it.
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