Is this hour house or Assembly: Tammineni

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The third and final day of the AP Assembly sessions started on an interesting note and started with a heated debate on the 'three capitals' decision. The house also witnessed a debate on the Raithu Bharosa centers.

While the ruling party leaders tried to talk about this topic, TDP leaders raised 'Jai Amaravati' slogans and created a fuss in the Assembly. They even went into Speaker's well and raised slogans. In spite of repeated warnings from the Speaker, TDP leaders did not stop raising slogans.

This led the Speaker Tammineni Sitharam to become furious on the opposition leaders. He questioned 'what is this'?.

"People are watching who are behaving rudely. Is this your house or Assembly?. With the TDP leader's behavior, the rights of the other members were hindered. If you continue to behave like this, I will not hesitate to take further action," Speaker said.
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