Is there a cold war between TRS,MIM?

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Is there a cold war brewing between the TRS and the Majlis? They are best of the buddies and help each other. But, there seems to be some wariness in their relationship. Consider this. The Muslims the other day organised one of their biggest yet rallies in the city. Over a lakh Muslims turned up from the nook and the cranny of the city. There were systematic mobilisation in place Vehicles were pressed into service, water was made available to the protesters and even ambulances were kept ready at vantage places. The placards were prepared and flexi sheets were printed in a big way. By any standards, it was a big gathering.

But, where is MIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi? He was not seen at the rally. He was quietly addressing another rally of the Muslims in Sangareddy. His brother Akbaruddin was nowhere to be seen in action. None of the MIM leaders were there. But, the rally went on with methodical precision. Sources say that the rally was organised by the Majlis Bachao Tehreek, a sub-local party of the Old City that has a grudge against the MIM. But, could MBT alone have mobilised such huge crowds? Also, why was Majlis excluded from the rally?

Also, the way the TRS supported this rally also raises questions. The TRS had intel that there would be a rally. But, it gave permission to the 'public meeting.' The 'public meeting' turned into a mega rally. The police did not try to prevent them. Also, taking out the rally was illegal as there were restrictions in place in the city. But, no case has been booked against anyone so far. So, are Muslims tryng to find another leader for themselves? Or is KCR trying to find another Muslim leader to support him and reduce his dependence on Asaduddin Owaisi? Interesting drama seems to be unfolding, let's see how it takes shape.
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