Is the real reason behind Mohan Babu-Modi meeting?

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What's behind Collection King, former MP and film hero Mohan Babu's sudden meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi? He did not meet Modi all alone. His son Manchu Vishnu, daughter in law Veronica, daughter Manchu Lakshmi too accompanied him. Though it looked like a courtesy meeting, could there be more to it than meets the eye?

That Manchu Lakshmi is a great admirer of Modi is well-known. But Mohan Babu is now with the YSRCP given his family relation with YS Jagan family. After all, Veronica is late YSR's brother's daughter. Was the family carrying some proposal from YS Jagan for Modi? Was Mohan Babu acting as a new conduit to Modi? Is it related to the proposal to have three capitals in Andhra Pradesh? Though Mohan Babu praised Modi, he also made it clear that he was with the YSRCP.

Or is Modi trying to woo the Telugu film industry? Of late, the Telugu film industry is in a state of confusion. They have their interests in Telangana and want to expand to Andhra region, especially Vizag. But, the film industry is dominated by two communities. One of them has traditionally been with the TDP and the other is backing Pawan Kalyan. The industry feels that there has to be an outreach towards Modi too. So, the Manchus might be extending that olive branch to Modi. The Manchus suggested that Modi should meet the biggies from the Telugu industry and Modi has readily agreed.
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