Is Anti-TRS Vote Consolidating?

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Is the anti-TRS vote consolidating? Will an anti-TRS sentiment ensure a voter polarisation? Surveys conducted by several organisations say that there is a groundswell of opposition for KCR and his governance. An interesting finding is that the voters are consolidating behind the Congress wherever it has a winning chance. Even the pro-BJP voters are aligning with the Congress where the latter has strong candidates. Similarly, in many places, the Congress voters are shifting towards the BJP to ensure the defeat of the TRS.

The BJP is buoyed up with the survey reports on the civic body elections in Telangana. The surveys point out that the BJP will do quite well in its areas of influence. The party is likely to give the ruling TRS a run for its money. More importantly, the surveys say that the party will increase its vote share in places that are outside its area of influence. The surveys point out that the BJP will gain at the expense of Congress in many places. On its part, the BJP feels that post-Bhainsa violence, there is a Hindu consolidation in several places like Adilabad, Nirmal, Nizamabad and Bodhan. All these will benefit the party, its strategists feel.

Many feel that while the Congress will do well in undivided Medak and Nalgonda districts, the BJP will do well in undivided Nizamabad, Adilabad, Karimnagar and Mahabubnagar. Leaders like Sanjay, Aravind and DK Aruna will are staying put in their respective constituencies to ensure party's victory.
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