Is YSRCP Changing Its Stance On CAA?

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Is the YSRCP having second thoughts on extending support to the CAA, NRC and NPR? If not, why did Deputy CM of AP Amjad Basha criticise the CAA the other day? He had said at a massive rally in Kadapa that the AP Government would soon pass a resolution against the CAA in the assembly. What more, he had also said that positions of power are not important for him and that he would rather chose to be with the people, who are opposed to the CAA.

Now, did Amjad Basha consult Jagan before making this statement? Did he take Jagan's permission to criticise the CAA, which the party has supported in both houses of parliament? Are his statements an indication that the YSRCP is having second thoughts about backing the CAA and NRC? Also, will the Jagan Government support the NPR, which will soon be taken up across the country? Amjad Basha also says that they have read the content in the CAA and NRC only after voting was done? Does this mean that the YSRCP is no naive as to vote for a bill without reading the contents?

Significantly, the meeting saw the presence of several YSRCP leaders like C Ramachandraah, SB Ahmad Basha, Kamal basha, Ghouse Hafiz, Mohammad Rafi etc. Several Muslim religious leaders were also present on the occasion.
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