Is Trivikram Guiding Pawan Kalyan In Films?

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Politically, many thought Pawan Kalyan is listening to Trivikram Srinivas and the writer is writing, some speeches for him, many said so.

But the writer-director, said that he is not involved in politics and he will never be also. But as a friend of Pawan Kalyan, he meets him every 3 months, regularly, it seems.

Now, he is the man who mediated a deal between Dil Raju and Pawan Kalyan, it seems. Few days ago, Pawan started shooting for Pink remake.

Pawan before giving his nod, asked Trivikram's opinion and once he saw the film with Dil Raju, then he decided to do it. But if Trivikram had discouraged him to not to do it, the actor turned politician, might not have even thought about watching the film say few.

We did not believe that it is entirely true but SS Thaman said in a recent interview that he got to know that he will compose for Pink remake through Trivikram first.

So, the other things we heard also seem true. In any case, Trivikram Srinivas and Pawan Kalyan seem to have bonded for life like those in Ambuja Cement ads, whatever might be going on in their lives, both will be taking advices from each other for sure!
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