Is Tirupati Devasthanam facing Losses Due to Laddu Prasad?

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Devotees consider the Prasadam given at temples as divine. They take it as a token of blessings from the deity. Tirupati laddu which is given as a prasad in Tirupati is the most loved by the devotees.

The queue line at the laddu counter at Tirumala will be as long as the main queue sometimes.

If the reports are to be believed, the Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam (TTD) Board is facing huge debts with the prasad. The newly set up TTD board is figuring out new ways to cut shot the debts.

It has been widely reported that the board is ready to impose a new policy for issuing prasad.

According to the official reports, TTD is facing a loss of Rs 2412 crores due to the Laddu Prasad. According to the alleged new policy, every devotee who comes for darshan will be given a laddu. For every extra laddu, the price is reportedly fixed as Rs 50.

The size of the Tirupati Laddu is decreasing gradually from time to time. Earlier it used to be so big to be fitted in both the hands. Remember the scene in Nagarjuna starrer Annamayya, where he eats laddu given by Goddess Padmavati, who comes in the disguise of Bhanupriya.

The laddu used to be that big. The cost of making one laddu is around Rs 40, which will be around 160-180 grams. Currently, the price of laddu is 15 rupees, which is the main reason for the huge loss to TTD.
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