Is This Young Hero Finally Giving Dates To This Senior Producer?

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Film Industry runs around success and once you establish good connections, they can also help you, when you're struggling. As it is a volatile Industry, it is required for people to always maintain friendly connections with everyone.

But few actors or producers do have cat and mouse, relationship like in the famous comedy animated series, Tom and Jerry.  When one chases the other, they escape and rarely they find a solid medium ground to team up.

The young crazy hero of Tollywood is having similar relationship with a successful senior producer who is chased by stars, it seems.

This successful producer chased him relentlessly for a year and even had three to four scripts narrations with him, it seems.

The actor never said he did not like them nor did he accept one and give him dates. He just kept avoiding any commitment with the producer, it seems.

But his recent film flopped after much fanfare and the producer got tired of chasing him too, it seems.

Now, the hero is chasing him and the producer has asked for dates under his terms and conditions, it seems. The heel started his long delayed film and also could do a film another senior director who delivered a hit, recently for compensation of his flop to same production house.

Well, the producer is waiting for the hero to give him dates before going forward with any plans, it seems. See, just like Tom and Jerry, one needs another but they can't resist being at different sides!

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