Is This Why Voters Turned Towards TRS in Huzurnagar?

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One expected that the ongoing RTC strike, the slew of administrative mistakes, rampant corruption among the TRS leaders and the growing anger against KCR will have a telling impact on the Huzurnagar byelections. But, if the surveys are any indication, KCR's party TRS will romp home comfortably in the bypolls and the Congress could as well have to be content being a runner-up. If the surveys turn out to be right, then the TRS could as well win from Huzurnagar, a Congress bastion and a personal fiefdom of PCC chief Uttam Kumar Reddy, with a comfortable manner.

So, what went wrong? Why did the public anger and disenchantment not convert into votes? If political watchers are to be believed, the voters changed their preference overnight.  Though Uttam Kumar Reddy had marshalled all resources and worked very hard, things changed overnight. The TRS had spent up to Rs 3000 per vote. But, Uttam Kumar Reddy did not spend such huge amounts.  The party reportedly gave only Rs 250 per vote.

The TRS was ready to spend any amount to win the seat and an estimated Rs 30 crore were spent in the constituency. As against this, the Congress did not spend such amounts. As a result, the voters turned away from the Congress and supported the TRS at the last moment. This is the reason by the 'car' went on top gear.
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