Is This Why Congress Lost Huzurnagar Bypoll?

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It's celebration time for one political family while it's shock and surprise for another political family. The KCR family is now savouring its massive victory in the Huzurnagar bypoll. The party has won by over 33000 vote majority. Thus, the Huzurnagar seat, which has never been won by the TRS, has now fallen into its lap like a ripe fruit.

What went wrong? Till recently, PCC chief Uttam Kumar Reddy's family enjoyed complete dominance in Huzurnagar. The Congress won five elections in a row – an MP election, an MLA election, a panchayat election, an MPTC election and a ZPTC election. Why did it lose? Those in the know say that at the start of the election campaign, the Congress was leading over the TRS by five percentage points. But, this trend continued till five days before the day of polling. But, in the last four to five days, the ground slipped from under the feet of Uttam Kumar Reddy family. The TRS began gaining ground. In the final analysis, the TRS established massive lead. It lead by at least 2000 votes in every round and the final majority is more than 33000 votes.

Those in the know say that Uttam Kumar Reddy did not conduct a focused campaign in the last five days. More importantly, he did not counter the vote-buying spree of the TRS. What he paid was far too less than what the TRS had paid to the voter. It is also being said that Uttam did not have liquid cash in his hands. This made the vital difference. If only he focused on the campaign properly in the last five days, the scenario would be different, sources say.

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