Is This The Offer That Sharad Pawar Made To BJP?

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Why did NCP chief Sharad Pawar  go to Narendra Modi at the height of the political tussle in Maharashtra and why was he closeted with Modi for over 45 minutes? This was one question that rankled everyone in the political circles. A day after meeting Modi, he declared his support for Shiv Sena-Congress and announced that he has joined the Maha Vikas Aghadi to form the Government.

Now the cat is finally out of the bag. It is now revealed that Sharad Pawar has gone with a proposal. The proposal was to back the BJP in Maharashtra. But for this, he has imposed two conditions. The first one was to make his daughter Supriya Sule the Union Minister for Agriculture. The second one was to replace Devendra Fadnavis as Maharashtra CM. He told Modi that anyone other than Fadnavis was acceptable to them. But, Modi, it is now clear, has not agreed to both the demands. He reportedly told Pawar that giving agriculture portfolio to Supriya Sule was not possible as there would be demands for railway ministry from Nitish Kumar. Many more such demands would follow, Modi told Pawar. Removing Fadnavis too was ruled out.

It was only after Modi rejected both the conditions that Sharad Pawar had openly come out in support of Shiv Sena candidate.  So, he went to meet Modi not for the farmers, but for a ministry for his daughter.
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