Is That Lottery Prize Money Close To The Value Of Our Metro Project?

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Thousands of people have been celebrating in Spain after winning a share of the $2.64bn prize in the world's richest lottery.

The world's richest lottery revealed the winning numbers on Sunday, with the top-prize winning number, 26590, worth four million euros. The lottery, known as El Gordo or "the fat one", handed out $2.64bn in prizes this year. There are many smaller prizes in addition to the top prize.

While other lotteries have larger individual prizes, El Gordo is designed to allow as many people as possible a win, even if it is a small one. This year's nationally televised draw was held at Madrid's Teatro Real opera house where hundreds of ticket holders gathered hoping for good luck. Full tickets cost 200 euros, but they can be split 10 ways for 20 euros, which is the most common ticket purchased. Families, friends and co-workers buy tickets together as part of a winter holiday tradition.
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